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Stacey saved my life. It’s that simple. So, whether you have a specific pain or are just feeling stuck in life she can help you!! Her ability to figure out what is wrong is a true gift. THIS is health care that matters. THIS is the way it works!!! I can’t say enough.

Heidi L.

Bartlett, IL

My family and I have worked with Stacey for over a year now. She takes a holistic approach to health–healing mind, body, and spirit together. She’s helped me overcome years of chronic disease and emotional stress. When doctors simply wanted to give me a pill, Stacey worked with me to find the root cause of my problems.

My children love her and always want to know when we can see “Ms. Stacey” again. She’s taught me the importance of treating the entire person, not just a symptom, in myself as well as my husband and children.

Lora R.

Schaumburg, IL

What a blessing Benevolence Total Wellness and Stacey Massey have been for me! She came highly recommended by a colleague when I was diagnosed with a bulging disk, and in a ton of pain. And on top of that I’ve been battling rheumatoid arthritis for over 40 years. Her ability, skills and experience have helped me immensely! Her use of a variety of treatments from acupuncture, deep tissue massage, cupping and nutritional help has eliminated 90% of my pain and has me moving nearly pain-free! Tremendous!

Tim V.

Lake Zurich, IL

Stacey really made me feel cared for in a way that no other healer has ever done. She has the ability and the awareness and the skills to treat the whole person, not just a set of symptoms. She saved me from what had been in the past, a debilitating, chronic and seemingly unresolvable condition that had stumped literally over a dozen other doctors. For me, this is a MIRACLE. In 3 treatments, she discovered the origin of my difficulty, treated it successfully and got me and my body through a very scary condition.

Steve E.

Des Plaines, IL

I have been going to Stacey for help since before she opened her practice, Benevolence Total Wellness in 2011. She is an amazing healer, person and dear friend. Stacey has helped me in so many different ways, emotionally, physically and mentally. She has such a passion for helping and healing people. She and her staff truly care about your well being. I am so happy and grateful that I found her and I look forward to having her in my life for many years to come.

Charity G.

Bensenville, IL