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Survival Mode

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Survival Mode

As time moves forward at this accelerated Quantum rate, I have become aware of how important it is to share with people how they can reshape their experiences on this planet by simply changing their beliefs and perspectives. Beliefs are basically thoughts that you have been thinking over and over again for years and those specific beliefs emerge from your life experiences. We encounter all types of experiences in this place…wanted and unwanted. That is our purposes here. To experience life in all of its splendor and determine for ourselves which parts of it we prefer and which parts we don’t.

One of the most profound spiritual guides that I have encountered on my journey is the teachings of Abraham whom I will refer to often. (A beautiful woman whose name is Esther Hicks has been able to open herself to The Collective Conscious of The Universe and receive and translate information from the energy we know to be God in much the same way I believe the ancient apostles were able to). This communication was the beginning of the information that was received that led to the creation of the movie The Secret. Abraham teaches us that our purpose here on this planet is to experience contrast. Through these experiences we are constantly expanding the awareness of all things. I have come to believe over the years after working with so many people, that a great deal of our suffering and illness stems from beliefs and perspectives that are running through our Autonomic Nervous System. Another way of saying that is that these beliefs and perspectives about our encounters with contrast are running on auto-pilot in a negative way. We can have a belief that was formed at the time of our birth that could be significantly interfering with our forward progress as adults many years later because that belief that we had as a newborn was based off of a being with no life experience. As you evolve into an adult and you experience different contrasts, that old belief starts to significantly contradict the belief that you have as an adult and at that point one of those beliefs has to go or else chaos will ensue. Your mind/spirit can not function or make decisions properly within a body that is expressing conflicting beliefs.

Let me try to clarify. As we move through our days we experience certain emotions regarding the experiences that we have. If the experiences that we encounter cause us to feel good based on our existing belief system we have no problem processing those emotions and life is right as rain. These emotions that we perceive as good are so in alignment with who we really are that they are already a part of our belief system and they are effortless to process. But what happens when we come across something that we perceive as bad or unwanted? Those emotions are processed as well, although it is my belief that those emotions take a little longer to process as they are contradicting our current belief system. They may even alter our existing belief system in such a way that everything needs to go through an update so to speak. Now all of this would be fine if the negative emotions that we encountered happened at a very slow rate which allowed for ample time to process and re-integrate with the system as a whole. But we all know that in this day and age that just isn’t the case. We are bombarded on a daily basis, minute by minute with stress and anxiety about the safety of our loved ones, where our next dollar will come from, how to deal with the stressors of our job and on and on we go. So what happens when the emotions that we feel that are not in alignment with our current belief system start to back up? They can’t possibly all be processed at once, they have to be sifted and sorted through, they demand to be felt so a determination can be made as to whether you want it to alter your current beliefs. It has been my experience that I am able to find those excess emotions and stressors stored away in The Chakra System, somewhat like a giant filing cabinet. These frequencies that we perceive as negative emotions are stored here so that they can be processed later when you’re better equipped to deal with them. The problem lies in the fact that we never get to a place of peace and tranquility that allows for these old emotions to come out, and even if we do we fight like hell to keep them suppressed. Once these emotions are ready to come out, we start feeling super funky and agitated or maybe even in a significant amount of pain and what do we do? We get scared and either run to the doctor to give us something to make the symptom go away or we revert to an old addictive behavior that gives us a strong stimulus of something else to think about. I have even seen people seriously injure themselves “accidentally” to take their mind off of what is really happening. It basically comes down to the fact that we just got thrown into survival mode and survival is the only thing that matters. We don’t have time to lie around and ask our body why its freaking out. We have to run! But as more and more stress is encountered and more and more is archived away in The Chakras, those energy production centers lose their magnetism and we begin to lose our health.

So how do we know when a past emotion has emerged and it is ready to be processed? We generally have some type of pain or discomfort in our body. It can be physical pain, an emotional pain or some type of symptom depending on which Chakra the emotion has been stored in. That pain is your guide. It is your lifeline to an inner awakening that would transform your very existence if it were allowed to become a part of your conscious awareness. Bill Harris who is the owner of Centerpointe Research Institute out of Beaverton, Oregon writes in his book The New Science of Super Awareness that, “Life is all about increasing the amount of choice that you have.” He goes on to explain that you gain the ability to choose by bringing more and more things into your awareness. This serves you because once something is in your awareness you will always choose what is best for you.

Doesn’t that seem so simple? I think the point that I want to make here is that there are certain beliefs that you have, whether you are consciously aware of them or not that are creating stress patterns in your life that could be causing you to make decisions and react to certain situations from a survival standpoint and at that point, the you that you know as you is no longer making the decisions. You revert to the reptilian side of your brain and survival is the only thing that matters. I haven’t quite figured out how the mind hides these patterns and beliefs so eloquently from us but it does an amazing job. Have you ever been around someone that you see repeating the same destructive patterns over and over again? You can see so clearly what they are doing, you can see where this path ends for them but you are completely powerless in bringing it to their attention. You stand back helplessly as you watch them yet again crash and burn. This is survival mode.

To Be Continued…