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Subconscious Communication (Part 2)

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Subconscious Communication (Part 2)

I have spent years trying to wrap the “evolved” side of my brain around all of this information. Because every part of our body, our spirit and our energy are all so intimately connected researching one thing inevitably leads you into researching something else. This has lead me down the path of study concerning the brain and muscle connection, the chakra system that absorbs emotions and generates energy, the energy flow that protects and nourishes the entire body including the organs. We are elaborate, delicate, beautiful beings and I am baffled by our sheer resiliency in maintaining homeostasis. Some people can live for years and years ignoring their subconscious demands where others cannot. All that I know is that after all of these years of studying holistic medicine, and the thousands of treatments that I have performed on people, that if we are going to not only survive but thrive in this place, we are going to have to learn how to communicate with our subconscious mind. This lack of communication, I believe is the catalyst for all of our current disease processes. Cancer, auto-immune diseases, depression, addiction, you name it…your subconscious knows what is causing it.

So, how do you communicate with the subconscious mind? You have to learn the language. My very first experience with any type of subconscious communication happened during one of my classes while getting my Master’s in Chinese Medicine. One of my professors and dear friend, Doc Martin, showed us how to muscle test. It looked like he was standing in front of the class performing magic tricks but I was hooked! He had someone come up in front of the class and he showed us how to test for a “lock”. This simply means that there is no neurological blockage between the brain sending out its command and the arm receiving it. Once a lock is established the person can be muscle tested on just about anything. I have been muscle testing for a long time now and there is really more to it than this but we will talk about that later in a separate post, but these are the basics. So Doc established a lock in my classmate and then he had that person pick up their cell phone and place it on their chest and no matter how hard that person tried they were unable to maintain a straight arm as the energy coming off of their cell phone made them “weak”. The phone was generating interference from its electromagnetic field or EMF that was blocking the brains ability to communicate with the persons arm. Just think how many electrically charged toys we carry on our body at all times. Your phone, computer, fab for your keys and worst of all those watches and fitness trackers. I can’t stand those things! It takes me twice as long to balance a patient that has been wearing one and now people are even sleeping with them on so they can track how many hours of down time they have. Seriously, those devices are not good for your energy field and in my opinion should not be worn!

Sorry, soapbox! Getting back on track, this is how you learn to communicate with your subconscious mind. It is called Applied Kinesiology. Most chiropractors are taught how to muscle test in school and they use it a great deal of the time whether they explain to you that they are or not. It is one of the most important things that I have ever learned and it opened up a entirely new world for me. I learned that I could accurately test for pretty much anything. I test people on the supplements that I recommend for them, I test them on herbs, foods, you name it. I have even found people who were having negative effects from jewelry that they were wearing. I remember one patient in particular that I had a few years back. Her mother called me hysterical about the ailing health of her daughter. She was having terrible stomach problems, she was missing a great deal of school and the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Her mother was at her wits end and literally told me she was worried that she wouldn’t live through much more. After working on her daughter a few times I realized that she was having some trouble with her new braces. I ended up muscle testing her for heavy metals and found that she was having a bad reaction to nickel. I suggested that the braces could be causing the problems and to her mother’s credit she had them removed. Her health immediately improved and she is now a beautiful, active teenager.

Let me leave you with this thought…there is a reason for your symptoms. It is not a deficiency in pharmaceutical drugs, it is an unprocessed emotion or trauma that needs to be released. It is manifesting now because you are in a different place than you were when the trauma or stress occurred. Your subconscious knows that you are now able to deal with what happened to you whereas before you were not. It is showing up as pain or some other symptom because that is how the subconscious communicates. Feeling and pictures, that is how it speaks. Tune in and you will learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible.