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Subconscious Communication (Part 1)

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Subconscious Communication (Part 1)

So I guess by now you are starting to get the picture that this is all about change. That is where we begin. Wrapping our brains around the fact that there are alternative ways to look at life. This is one of the hardest bridges to cross when beginning this type of work. We have become so programmed to believe that Western Medicine, pharmaceutical drugs and sick care are the only valid forms of health care available to us. That is not true. We have an erroneous belief that it is our doctors responsibility to keep us healthy. That is not true. We have been taught that the best way to take care of ourselves is we wait until we are sick to go to the doctor, they will prescribe us a pharmaceutical, synthetic medication and we will return to health. That is not true. The very essence of everything that I am going to teach you contradicts all of these misconceptions. It is Your responsibility to educate yourself about this miraculous body that you have been given. It is Your responsibility to learn how to communicate with your body on a deep level so you are able to detect instantly when something has gone awry within your system. Pain is your greatest teacher! It is your subconscious mind’s communication system. STOP SHUTTING IT DOWN!

This is where I feel we are making our biggest mistakes. We are consciously turning off our bodies’ attempts at communicating with us what is going on within ourselves. If you placed your hand on a hot burner would you want there to be pain to trigger a response to force you to remove it from the heat? Of course you would. So why then do we experience internal pains such as migraines or digestive issues and instead of finding out the reasons for the pain we take pain medications or we go to surgeons and have those parts of our body surgically removed so we no longer have to feel the pain? Because in some way that is easier than finding out what our body is trying to communicate to us?!? I don’t understand that thought process. I want to know what my body has to say to me.

That has been the basis for all of my research over the last 11 years. I used to get so frustrated when I would work on people. I would have them all balanced and calm, their pain and their trigger points would melt away. I would send them on their way out into the big bad world and they would come back the next week just like I had never touched them before! What was happening? I wanted to rip my hair out! It made no sense to me. It finally became obvious to me over time that it wasn’t just fatigue or overwork that was causing these recurrences. It had to be something further up the chain of command. So I looked to the brain. That is where the real magic happens. I took all of the neurology information that I had learned in school and came to the realization that there are two very distinct parts of the brain. The conscious and the subconscious. The subconscious is considered in medical textbooks to be the “reptilian” brain and the conscious portion is more “evolved”. What few people realize when studying the brain and its functions is that the two separate portions do not have the same communication system. It is like one speaks English and the other speaks German. And that my friends is where the problems originate.

The subconscious portion of your brain, as far as I am concerned, is really the part of the brain that is running everything. It may be reptilian, but it contains within itself all of the information that makes up you and who you are. Those areas of the brain that scientist say are “non-utilized” areas of dead space, those are where I believe all of your memories are stored. We are simply not accessing those “filing cabinets” at the exact moment that an MRI is taken. Every second of every minute of every hour of your life (and all of your other lifetimes for that matter) from conception on is recorded inside of your brain (and your chakras, but more on that later). That is a lot of information, and you have access to all of it. That is why hypnotherapy is possible. All of those memories are there, you just don’t know how to access them. Why do you think that is? Because the part of you that you know as you speaks English. The part that is trying to communicate with you speaks pain, feelings and pictures. It might as well be German because if you are not willing to speak subconscious language you will never move forward from the space that you are in.

Digest that for a moment and I will be back with part 2…