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Quantum Physics

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Quantum Physics

The latest treatments emerging from the field of holistic medicine are based on the theories provided by quantum physics. These are exciting breakthroughs in science as the limitations of space and time and the way we view our world in general are beginning to dramatically change. Most people other than scientist don’t really know or understand what the heck quantum physics even is because it is a complicated theory that stretches the limits of what our imaginations are capable of perceiving. But as we move forward with baby steps into this new frontier a universe of possibilities awaits us. Not only does it change the way we look at our world and how we relate to one another it gives us an entirely new playing field in which to treat modern disease processes. Now, I will not even begin to claim that I have a great understanding of these concepts. Physics has never really been my thing but once I started researching the basics of how things work on the quantum level I began to understand why I was seeing such amazing results from people after their treatments.

I want to try to break some of this down to its most basic level so you are able to see for yourself why energy work is such a powerful modality. I would like to introduce to you The Double Slit Experiment. This is a famous experiment that has been conducted numerous times by numerous people, each finding exactly the same results. During this experiment electrons were being shot through a solid plate that had two long cut out slits removed that were equal in length and width. There was a second barrier placed behind the plate that was intended to “catch” the particles that traveled through the cut out slits. The resulting particles that traveled through the slits were expected to be aligned in the exact pattern as the two slits that were on the original barrier. Right? Are you with me so far? If you have a little play-dough building set and you smoosh play-dough through a plate with two slits the play-dough comes out exactly matching the plate, two slits. This is what scientists expected to see.

But in the case of this experiment the particles that were embedded on the second plate were a series of multiple lines, instead of two lines there were many, which means that the electrons passing through the slits were behaving as waves as opposed to particles. Think of the difference between shooting a single bullet at a target and observing one single bullet hole as opposed to shooting one bullet and finding 15 bullet holes on the target. It doesn’t make sense. A wave behaves more like the ripple effect that you will see when you drop a stone into a pond, you will see multiple vibrations emanating from the central location resulting in multiple contact points.

So to try to come up with a reason for these odd results scientists believed that it was possible that the multiple electrons being shot through the slit at the same time caused interference with the other electrons resulting in multiple lines. So what did they do? They shot the electrons through the slits one particle at a time. No interference, so it should now result in two slits. All bases are covered and eureka…that is not what happened. The second plate once again contained a series of multiple lines. Now these scientists were really confused. None of this made any sense. Why were particles behaving as waves? They didn’t have the answer so what they did is they placed particle detectors on the plate with the slits so that they were able to observe up close and personal exactly which particle went through each slit. This is were things got really weird. When the particle detectors were watching the electrons travel through the slits they did not produce a wave pattern that caused interference like before. This time two lines! The very act of “being watched” or having another energy present forced the particles to behave like particles instead of waves!

Now I’m going to give you a second to think about that one! Why would the simple act of observing the test cause the results of the test to change? I don’t know about you but I was floored when I saw the reenactment of this test performed. It made me want to click my ruby red slippers together three times, grab Toto and head for Kansas! I know that it is silly but I get so excited just thinking about it! This changes everything! There is finally a scientifically proven explanation for why the “voodoo that we do” works! It can be traced back even to the Bible. This is what Jesus was doing, He had that keen eye for observation and he could look straight through you and see what what going on in your life. He knew by simply observing these sick people that he could change their malfunctioning wave particles and cause them to function normally again. And do you know what is even cooler than that? Just like He said, we can all do it! It’s not voodoo, its not magic, its science! We are living in a time where we don’t have to be hung on a cross or burned at the stake to believe in this stuff.

It is now a scientifically proven fact that we can come together to heal each other on a quantum level. If that’s not the best news that you have heard all day I don’t know what is! And btw, if you are a visual learner like I am and you want to see a cute little animated representation of The Double Slit Experiment go to and see for yourself!

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