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Your Food

Without proper nutrition, neither the physical or emotional divisions of the body will function correctly. The area of nutrition is no longer defined by a simple equation. With the deadly introduction of genetically modified organisms and pesticides into our food supply, we have to educate ourselves to the dangers that lurk around every aisle of our local grocery stores. Our seeds and plants are biologically manipulated to grow bigger and more plentiful with little to no testing being performed to understand the effect it has on humans. Our animals are being cruelly injected with growth hormones and antibiotics that saturate their cells. We are consuming these toxins as well as their stress hormones in massive amounts. Education in modern nutrition is vital to protect you and your family from the dangers in our food supply. Detoxification, as well as nutritional counseling, coupled with high quality supplementation are the tools necessary in fighting this new age nutritional battle.

Nutritional Education Program

Millions of Americans are suffering from diseases that are driven by simple nutritional deficiencies. The complexities of the human body and how it regenerates on a cellular level is vastly misunderstood. Specific nutrients are required by your body for proper cell replication. If these nutrients are absent from the system (as many nutrients can not be “made” by the body, they must be present in the diet) the cells will not, and can not reproduce in a healthy manner. Medical doctors have minimal training in nutrition so you are rarely told during your doctor visit to eat more fruits and vegetables or that certain foods might be causing dangerous inflammation inside of your body.

What we do with our Nutritional Education Program is evaluate your body from a Chinese Medicine perspective. This means we determine your bodies constitutional imbalances which in turn reveals what the right foods for your system are based on thermal properties. For example, if you are a constitutionally “hot” person you would not want to be eating spicy foods as they would contribute to the internal heat. We then test your body for nutritional deficiencies that require supplementation while the dietary changes are being made. This allows your body to function at a higher level as you are receiving the nutrients that you need. Cravings diminish and the dietary changes are less difficult to make. We also test for your unique food intolerances, because information is vital to creating a healthy diet. Another example we often see, is most people believe that nuts are a healthy source of protein. Approximately 90% of the people that have been tested on nuts in our office have been found to have an intolerance to them. Whether this is due to mold toxicity, pesticide residue or irradiation of the nuts we are finding more and more people that simply can not tolerate eating them. Bottom line is, you are a unique individual. What works for other people will not always work for you. Knowledge is power and that is what our Nutritional Education Program provides.

Detoxification Program

Our Detoxification Program consists of a 21 day herbal protocol that is formulated specifically for you in our office. The focus of the detox is the removal of toxic heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, inflammation, virus’s, fungal and bacterial overgrowth and parasitic activity. The cleanse is broken down into 3 phases, each lasting approximately one week. The first phase focuses on pulling harmful toxins out of your body, building up your bodies Vital Qi (energy) while also stabilizing blood sugar. This method allows your body to adjust to having higher levels of plant material in your system which cuts down on headaches and bloating that might otherwise occur with other detox’s. This first week is spent pulling harmful toxins from your blood, interstitial fluid and muscle tissue and ushering them down to the intestines. You are, throughout the cleanse, consuming larger quantities of beneficial fibers that fill the intestines and absorb the toxins so they are removed from the body before they are able to reabsorb into the blood stream through the large intestine.

Phase 2 focuses on continuing the detoxification process as well as promoting a more alkaline environment though out the entire system. This is essentially cooling the body down. Chinese Medicine categorizes most chronic illness’s as Internal Heat, for example cancer. Cancer is generally categorized as a dry heat malignant condition. If you are mindful of keeping the system cool and not allowing it to overheat (inflammation) you are creating an atmosphere inside your body that promotes health as opposed to disease.

Phase 3 of the cleanse is all about building your body back up. We have stripped away the toxins in the two previous phases and now we want to replenish the system with alkaline substances and specially formulated tinctures that focus on your specific deficiencies. If you are chronically fatigued your formula will build Vital Qi. If you are having hormonal issues your formula will build Yin Fluids & Blood as well as balance your endocrine system.

Throughout the cleanse, you will be eating nourishing organic foods that promote the alkaline environment that your body is so thirsty for. If you want more information on the Benevolence Total Wellness Detoxification Program you can fill out the form on our contact page and download our detoxification e-book.

Weight Loss Program

Losing weight has been portrayed in this country as a simple equation of expelling more calories than you take in equalling weight loss. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are so many factors that contribute to attaining a healthy weight. Your toxic load is one. A survival mechanism that the body utilizes to keep you alive is enveloping toxins with lipid (fat) cells and storing them away until the liver is able to process them out of the body. For most of us forcing the fat cells out of our body before the toxins have been released is a dangerous thing. How many times have you attempted a new exercise program and found yourself sick within a week and unable to continue. This is a sign of toxic overload. You forced the fat out and the body was unable to deal with the extra burden. People at the grocery store buy frozen diet dinners by the cartful in an attempt to lose weight but this is only contributing to their toxicity and making the problem worse. Whole food nutrition is the ONLY dietary changes that really work. This is a lifestyle that is based on knowledge and common sense. Providing the body with the nutrients that it needs to thrive.

The second factor we look at in weight loss is emotional health. If you are under a great deal of stress and have old traumas that have yet to be processed your body will essentially “puff up” as a protective mechanism. You can call it inflammation or overproduction of cortisol, but in the end it all comes down to providing a protective layer between you and those things your subconscious perceives as trauma. Every persons case is different. Some people simply aren’t eating a healthy diet, some people have past trauma, while others might not have proper energy distribution, this can cause weak Stomach Energy and an inability to absorbing nutrients properly. Corporations have made billions of dollars exploiting the fact that weight loss is a mystery, when all it takes is putting on your own shoes and walking your own path. We look deep within our patients to find the core issues that are contributing to their weight loss challenges. We are here to make you accountable and keep you on track so you are able to finally succeed.