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Your Body

Energy flow, blood flow, craniosacral integrity, neurological function, glandular function, muscle, bone, fascia and interstitial fluid health are all areas that are addressed when balancing the physical division of your body. We are all connected. Every cell and system in our bodies are connected as well, with each area propelling energy to the next. When one system fails, it creates a strain on the entire system as a whole. We have learned from performing thousands of treatments over the years when dealing with pain there is one foolproof method of progression. You work from the inside out and the outside in. You begin with nutritional support that facilitates healing in the organs while therapeutically establishing balance back to the outer tissues of the muscle and fascia. Once the outer layer has been invigorated back to life, energy flow and neurological signaling to the dysfunctional areas must be re-established. If these important processes are not addressed proper muscular tonicity will never be achieved and pain will continue. The unique combination of manual therapies provided at Benevolence Total Wellness find these imbalances. Once removed, the body is able to achieve homeostasis and health is restored.

Pain Program

If you have been experiencing pain for a lifetime or just a few weeks we are here to stop it from interfering with your life any further. Pain is the subconscious brain’s form of communication. The subconscious, or primordial brain communicates through feelings and images not rational language. This is interpreted by your body as pain signals. There is a reason for your pain and it is not a deficiency of pharmaceutical drugs or surgery. These are band-aids that in the long run generally cause more harm than good. Our pain program finds the root cause of your pain as we break up stagnation that has settled in your body while interpreting the inappropriate neurological signaling that is creating the pain response. Once the neurological signaling has been corrected the tissues can resume normal function and you can go back to doing the things that you love.

Chronic Illness Program

Many forms of chronic illness are sweeping through our country like wildfire. Cancer, Auto- Immune Diseases, Diabetes and Heart Disease to name a few. These conditions are debilitating, even deadly and are creating a state of fear and panic among people of all ages. We want you to know that no matter what your current state of health is, we believe that given the proper conditions the body can heal from just about anything. The path can be difficult and it is not for everyone. Implementing the lifestyle changes that are necessary to overcome a chronic illness is hard work. It takes determination at the deepest level and that can be uncomfortable. But know that there may come a time when you are able to look back and say that this disease was the best thing that ever happened to you because it changed your life for the better. We are not claiming to treat disease, we don’t have to. If you nourish your body physically and emotionally, if you remove all of the toxins and chemicals from your system your body will instinctively do the rest. Let go of the fear that is paralyzing you to move forward and take control of your health.

Concussion Program

If you or someone you love has received a concussion, this treatment is vital to the future of your health. Little is really known about the repercussions of one concussion let alone several. The problem lies in the fact that some of the most significant symptoms are experienced months after the initial impact has occurred and the connection is not being made. You may get the “all clear” from your physician but they are all to often missing a diagnosis that can cause serious ramifications down the road. We have seen symptoms ranging from migraines, depression, digestive issues even brain swelling from concussions that were not properly treated. The cranial bones and spinal cord that comprise the Cranio-Sacral System are a complex network of bones, tissues and cerebral spinal fluid that work together in an extremely delicate balance.

The force of a concussion disrupts that balance displacing cranial bones that exhibit undue stress on effected areas of the brain. This force must be removed in a timely manner and cranial bones re-aligned so that proper osmotic pressure can be restored to this encapsulated hydraulic system.

Preventative Wellness Program

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin

It is amazing that we endure years and years of formal education to learn math, science and history, yet the one subject that would benefit us the most, Health, is only one semester long. We are not taught in school how our bodies work, what proper nutrition is or how to deal with our emotional stress. We are not taught how to prevent disease from manifesting inside of us. This is vital information that everyone should know and few understand. People thrived on this planet for thousands of years being treated by medicine men and women as well as shamans and healers. This ancient wisdom revolved around living a balanced life harmonized with nature. This is our focus. When you disconnect yourself from the very essence of what gives you life your bound to endure suffering. Our Preventative Wellness Program teaches you through health & life coaching how to live a balanced life that focuses on healthy eating, treating your ailments with herbal remedies and traditional modalities as well as restoring physical, emotional and spiritual health back into your life. This program focuses on educating and supporting the patient while they learn to transition into a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

This ancient wisdom is derived from thousands of years of holistic teachings that have been virtually lost by our modern culture. The only way to heal our future is to reach back into our past to find the wisdom that has been lost there.


Couples experiencing fertility issues are left with few choices from our current health care system. Harsh drugs that can consume a woman’s very existence are one of the only viable options available when taking a Western Medicine approach. More and more fertility doctors are referring their patients to Eastern Medicine Practitioners to aid them in achieving their dreams of becoming parents. Benevolence Total Wellness is unique in their treatment of infertility. The inability to conceive is a symptom of internal disharmony. By addressing the physical, emotional and nutritional imbalances that are plaguing couples, all road blocks are removed and your dreams of parenthood become a reality. This program requires that both mom and dad be evaluated as we have found instances where dads imbalances were significant. Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Nutritional Testing and supplementation, Saliva Hormonal Testing, Detoxification, as well as other manual therapies may be used to bring your body back to a functioning, fertile state.

This treatment is not just for couples having trouble conceiving, we believe that this is something every couple should do prior to having children. Preparing your body for the changes that you will experience is vital to the health of mom as well as the health of your baby. Take some time to provide the best possible environment for the newest member of your family.