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Cranio Sacral Therapy

The Missing Link

Cranio-Sacral Therapy is a relatively new form of treatment that has developed over the past 80 years or so. It focuses on removing energy cysts that have embedded themselves into osseous tissue (bone) as well as the layers of meningeal tissue that surround the spinal cord. Physical trauma as well as prolonged stress can cause this system to malfunction in extraordinary ways. Cranial bone sutures (boney fingers that connect the skull bones) can become stuck due to trauma, exhibiting pressure on various areas of the brain.

This can result in any number of symptoms depending on the area of the brain that is affected. These imbalances disrupt the eb and flow of the Crania-Sacral System as well as limiting the bodies ability to produce sufficient amounts of cerebral spinal fluid into the dural tube of the spinal cord. We have created a unique combination of Cranio-Sacral Therapy with Emotional Release that provides results that are truly amazing. We not only deal with the energetic imbalance but the resulting emotional consequence of that imbalance. The results are nothing short of miraculous. This therapy is unique to our office and you won’t find it anywhere else. If you are experiencing symptoms that you and your doctor can’t explain, this might just be the answer you have been looking for.

Concussion Therapy

There is a raging concern burning through the field of sports medicine today…the problem is post concussion syndrome. We have repeatedly watched athletes absorbing forces so great as to knock them out cold. Baseballs to the head, helmet to helmet hits, pucks to the face and people running full force into other players. We have seen our most beloved athletes suffer with debilitating symptoms after years of repeated external forces annihilate the delicate balance of their Cranial Sacral Systems. The dangerous complications and lasting ramifications of a concussion or multiple concussions are slowly coming to light. What we need to understand before it’s too late, there is an answer. Remove the external energy that has embedded itself into the body while gently re-aligning the delicate structure of the cranial bones and spinal cord. This is the answer to the concussion problem. Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior this therapy IS the answer to getting rid of your concussion symptoms and getting back out on the field.

Emotional Release

There is a scientific link between stress and disease. We know that stress is dangerous to our health but few of us know how to deal with it. Most of us don’t even really know what it is. Stress is another word for emotions, we don’t know how to deal with our emotions. What do we do with that pain that is so great that it knocks us to the floor? Or the daily emotions that we experience in our lives that we can’t seem to do anything about? We are intelligent beings that were created to evolve based on our surroundings and experiences. We have a mechanism within us that mandates that we learn from our experiences and our emotions. That very mechanism is what keeps us at the top of the food chain. But for most of us that mechanism is an innate instinct that has never fully developed. As we experience life’s hardships, instead of processing those experiences and learning from them we store them away. We are simply too overwhelmed with living to process any new information. These emotions are filed away as energetic frequencies in various areas of our bodies. As years pass those frequencies build up and start to spill over creating pain and discomfort in the areas that they have been stored in. Pain is experienced because proper energy flow has been lost due to excessive negative energy being focused in one particular area. It makes sense that this could be the cause of cancer and a host of other illnesses. If you allow negative energy to pool into one particular area it will eventually become so dense that it sustains mass. This is cutting edge therapy that has evolved over years of working with people and their pain and the results are instantaneous. If you are looking for the missing link, this is it.

Pediatrics – Newborns

Every child should be treated with Crania-Sacral Therapy within days after being born. Birth is one of the most traumatic experiences that we encounter in our lives. Especially with the escalating incidence of C-Sections and scheduled induced births. Babies are absorbing more and more physical trauma during this vulnerable time and not only physical trauma but emotional trauma as well. Pregnancy can be an extremely difficult time for some women. It is imperative to know that any significant emotional stress that you are feeling can be absorbed by your baby. These emotional blockages can result in colic, digestive issues, inability to sleep, or any number of symptoms. Your baby deserves the best possible start in life. Help them to transition into this world as smoothly as possible.

Pediatrics – Children

It is so important to understand that children as they grow absorb energy much easier than we do. They pick up on tension in the household as well as emotions from teachers and other kids at school. These imbalances can result in lowered immunity, behavioral disorders, attention/concentration problems, as well as pain and organ dysfunction from unknown origins. The good news is, kids release these blockages so much easier than adults. Their resiliency and ability to heal is truly amazing, although there are times when they need a little help. It is important to have your child treated regularly to help them deal with the difficulties they encounter in life. If you or your child has experienced a death or trauma it is vital to the future of their health and recovery to assist them in processing their feelings. Learning how to process your feelings instead of stuffing them down is a lesson we could all benefit from. Help your child to learn this from an early age so they can thrive later in life.